You can build Tempest from source by following the instructions below. Tempest is built upon the popular probabilistic model checker Storm and hence shares a lot of its means of configuration. We also provide a docker image containing the latest version of Tempest.


Tempest shares the same dependencies as Storm and we suggest to install the “Recommended” set of dependencies.

Source Code

You can obtain the source code from our repository:

git clone


Tempest uses CMake to configure the build process and inherits many options from Storm. In order to build Tempest move into the source directory and create a build directory:

cd TempestSynthesis
mkdir build
cd build

Inside the build directory, invoke CMake to start the configuration:

cmake ..


In order to use Tempest as a command-line utility and for tempestpy we only need to compile the main target.

make storm-main

If your machine has multiple cores and at least 8 GB of memory, you can speed up the compilation by using multple cores:

make storm-main -j <number_of_cores>